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About ME

The Brave Bohemian is a Boho Boutique with a Cowgirl Spirit and Hip unique women's apparel and accessories that is based out of "The Shed" in Anna,TX and travels the road with "Trutti", my trusty '62 vintage camper. I LoVe handmade and custom pieces especially jewelry so most of my mix is handmade from artists in Texas & Oklahoma and a bit by me. The Brave Bohemian is named for my Mother who was 100% Czech and raised 10 children, me being number 10. She was hard working and always expected the same from us. At age 4 my father passed away and she continued on always brave and beautiful. I honor her everyday as she looks down upon me and reminds me to BE BRAVE. She is my "Brave Bohemian".  The Shed is open for shopping by appointment or be sure to watch for special events!